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Also youngsters up to the age of accountability are protected and covered by the blood of Christ. I cannot see where there would be any danger at all. 26. Do you think there is a connection between demon power and the spreading use of and addiction to narcotic drugs? I am absolutely convinced that narcotics and drugs are major instruments of the devil's power today. If you remember that Satan is constantly striving to strike at God by attacking and hurting man, you can see how drugs such as LSD, "speed," amphetamines, and other addictive narcotics fit into this pattern.

However, if he had a deaf or dumb spirit, he could easily understand the salvation message through an interpreter. On the other hand, if one were possessed of devils, as the demoniac of Gadara, his thinking would be so impaired and controlled by Satan that he would have no mind or ability to accept salvation. The demoniac of Gadara had no capacity of will power. He lived in the cemetery. He tore his clothes off his body. He cut himself with sharp stones. He broke every rope and chain put on him.

By sticking pins through these dolls, they can actually cause injury to people at great distances from themselves. These little dolls become symbols of the power of witchcraft. You might say that these symbols couldn't have any strength or power. You may not understand it at all. But this vicious system does work. It is demon power. All the voodoo religions have artifacts. They have all kinds of good-luck charms and many different symbols that represent the power of the devil. When I was in China a number of years ago, I remember visiting a Buddhist temple and allowing the priest there to show me their gods.

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