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A better half to the traditional close to East deals scholars and common readers a entire evaluation of close to japanese civilization from the Bronze Age to the conquests of Alexander the nice. Covers the civilizations of the Sumerians, Hittites, Babylonians, Assyrians, Israelites and Persians areas specific emphasis on social and cultural background Covers the legacy of the traditional close to East within the medieval and glossy worlds offers an invaluable bibliographical advisor to this box of analysis

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We get the impression that the ‘‘second urbanization’’ reached its peak around 2300, and then started a fast decline. The massive intrusions of the Gutians (about 2200) and the Martu (about 2000) in middle and lower Mesopotamia were part of this scenario. In Egypt, the fragmented socio-political order in the first ‘‘Intermediate Period’’ was roughly contemporary. In the Levant, the so-called ‘‘Intermediate (Early/Middle Bronze) Period’’ showed an archaeological picture dominated by pastoralism and decline of urban life.

The Chaldean kings Nabopolassar (625–605) and Nebuchadnezzar II (604–562) inherited the lowlands and the urbanized part of the empire, and basically inherited the Assyrian imperial strategy. They conquered the entire Levant, including Judah, and the sieges of Tyre and Jerusalem remained famous in later historiography. Then they defeated the Egyptians, deported the vanquished populations, and devoted most of their resources to rebuilding the capital city of Babylon as the most populous and splendid metropolis of the time.

But either way, they might have been intended as prominent visual cues of landscape ownership. Pottery and Structural Bias Production of pottery was closely coupled with sedentism and farming. Pottery was heavy, breakable, and difficult to transport and was almost exclusively found among sedentary peoples. The lulls in agricultural labor were easily filled by pottery production, and straw generated after harvest made ideal pottery temper. Economy and technology dovetailed perfectly. But what problem did the invention of pottery solve?

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