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Is an enumeration of Ω. This topology can be derived from a complete metric. The topology is specified by the first part of the proposition below. 2. (a) G is open in Sym(Ω) if and only if it contains the pointwise stabiliser of a finite set. (b) G is closed in Ω if and only if G is the automorphism group of a relational structure on Ω, that is, a family of relations (of various arities) on Ω. The closure of a permutation group G consists of all permutations which preserve the G-orbits on Ωn for all n.

Appl. 23 67–78. [3] Biswas, I. (2007). On the algebraic holonomy of stable principal bundles, preprint. , Parameswaran, A. J. and Subramanian, S. (2004). Numerically effective line bundles associated to a stable bundle over a curve. Bull. Sci. Math. 128 23–29. , Parameswaran, A. J. and Subramanian, S. (2006). Monodromy group for a strongly semistable principal bundle over a curve. Duke Math. Jour. 132 1–48. [6] Biswas, I. and Parameswaran, A. J. (2008). Monodromy group for a strongly semistable principal bundle over a curve, II.

N}; • fn (G) is the number of unlabelled n-element structures in C (that is, isomorphism classes of n-element structures). Oligomorphic Permutation Groups 47 Some Fra¨ıss´e classes satisfy a stronger version of the amalgamation property, called strong amalgamation. This is said to hold if the amalgam of any two structures can be produced without identifying any points not in the common substructure. More formally, if h1 (b1 ) = h2 (b2 ), then b1 = f1 (a) and b2 = f2 (a) for some a ∈ A. This holds in the above examples.

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