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By Emmanuel Rebold

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Subtitle: dependent Upon the traditional records in relation to, and the Monuments Erected by way of This Fraternity From Its origin within the yr 715 B.c. to the current Time common Books ebook date: 2009 unique booklet date: 1869 unique writer: American masonic publishing organization topics: physique, brain

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The sentiments of art with which his soul was imbued repulsed all (the sophism, and the social life of the lodges resembled earliest Christian associations, with this exception, instead of that contemplative idleness that saw no |religious labor save in fasting and prayer, was exercised a jthat, robust and manly energy that found, in the acquirement of useful knowledge and the engagement in actual labor, a fitting outlet for that love of beauty and perception of the sublime which are never better directed than in the when employed for the glory of God.

Britain, too, If, in consequence, in the other provinces, the persecutions of the Christians were, by order of the emperors, executed with rigor the most appalling, in Britain a certain refuge was offered to the persecuted, by the connivance of her governors, that many among the building corporations. Hence among those who became advocates and it was public propagandists of the gospel, for the certain protection afforded them by these corporations, sought for and obtained admission among those fraternities of builders; and thus, in the hearts of the lodges, they associated with auditors more freely disposed to listen to their doctrines, at once so humane and so pure race ; for that love of the which characterized the primitive Christians human entirely accorded with the spirit of those cultivated workmen who composed the Masonic corporations.

One They repulsed the Scots, it is true, but they also fixed themselves in the land and founded the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. made them the enemies of all were destroyed, and the flourishing prosperity that Britain enjoyed under the Roman sway disappeared. The Christian and civilized inhabitants fled to the mountains of Wales, to Scotland, or It was among these refugees that the to the isles beyond. ancient language of Britain was preserved, and with it primitive Christianity and the knowledge of architecture as practiced by the Masonic corporations.

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