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By James Hope Moulton

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ISBN-13: 9780567010117

Compliment for A Grammar of latest testomony Greek: ""The so much finished account of the language of the recent testomony ever produced via British scholars."" --The Expository instances

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There's a consensus between many New testomony students that a lot of what the historic Jesus and his apostles taught has been submerged via an inflow of post-biblical culture. sophisticated overseas impacts, more often than not from pagan Greek philosophy, which neither Jesus nor his first-century fans might realize or suggest, have obscured the unique Gospel as Jesus preached it.

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Rls y&p ofrus (ffrlv dvAXijTo s (? ) fj /t\irpos (v rif \oylffopia> e6peir, 6 s oiS'airt> TOVTO SvvfoeTai ffwvoeiv ; " so utterly wantin g i n reaso n " (Mahaffy). It i s o f course the frequency o f this locutio n tha t i s du e to Semitic thought : of what is said of ISav, above , p. 11 . Bu t se e p. 249. 4 See Wellh . 16 . T o clas s (c ) I ma y appen d a not e o n e h drdyri/iriy , which in Mt 27" (S-text) an d 1 Th 4 " take s a genitive . ^ , whic h i s give n b y H E a s it s origina l i n 2 9 places, a s agains t 1 6 wit h dative .

Essentially th e sam e thin g i s bein g trie d i n ou r time . "The purist s o f to-day, " say s Thum b (Hettenismus 180) , "are lik e th e ol d Atticist s t o a hair. " Thei r "mummy language," a s Krumbache r call s it , wil l no t stan d th e tes t of us e i n poetry ; bu t i n pros e literature , i n newspapers , and i n Biblica l translation , i t ha s th e dominion , which i s vindicated b y Athenia n undergraduate s wit h bloodshe d if nee d be. 1 W e hav e nothin g t o d o wit h thi s curiou s phenomenon, except to war n students tha t befor e citin g MGr in illustratio n o f th e NT , the y mus t mak e sur e whethe r their sourc e i s icadapevovaa o r ofju\ov/j,evi), boo k Gree k o r spoken Greek .

I t wil l no t do to appea l to gramma r t o prov e that the author is a Jew: a s fa r a s tha t goes , h e migh t jus t a s wel l hav e bee n a farmer o f the Fayum . Though t an d materia l mus t exclusivel y determin e tha t question. Bu t as that point is hardly doubtful , we pass on to a more important inference fro m th e imperfec t Gree k cultur e o f thi s book . D, th e autho r canno t hav e writte n th e fourt h Gospe l onl y a shor t tim e after. Either , therefore, w e must tak e the earlie r dat e to r Rev , which woul d allow the Apostl e to improv e hi s Gree k b y constant use in a city lik e Ephesu s where his Aramai c would b e useless ; o r w e mus t suppos e that someone (say , the autho r o f J n 21" ) mende d hi s gramma r fo r him throughou t th e Gospe l 10 A GRAMMA R O P NE W TESTAMEN T GREEK .

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