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French influence was gradually reduced and excluded by British conquest. In 1776, colonists rebelled against British rule, launching a war of independence which ended with the creation of a republican United States of America. Canada remained under British rule. Modern North America was gradually taking shape. A T L A N T I C PE THE AMERICAS LUBA 1760 -R The plantations of the New World grew valuable crops such as cotton and sugar. VICE-ROYALTY OF RIO DE LA PLATA 1776 Delagoa Bay CAPE 1652 FALKLAND IS 1770 Peter the Great (1672–1725) oversaw the consolidation of the Russian Empire, and sought to emulate the prestige, learning, and sophistication of the western European monarchies.

KHANATE OF CRIMEA A S I A Aral Sea Ca s SOUTH ASIA G ob i Sea an pi Sea of Japan (East Sea) U Z B E K H K HAN ATE H im Th SU e G ul al ay as LT NE A DE NAT P A L LH E O F I f MING EMPIRE TIBET AVA M A A DI BO M CA N SIAM VIJAYANAGAR PACIFIC N ea dS Re YEMEN Bay LAOS A of PEGU Bengal Arabian Sea South China Sea OCEANIA THE ETHNIC, POLITICAL, and religious map of southeast Asia was largely in place by the late 15th century. However, the largest state was the vast Srivijayan Hindu–Buddhist empire, which spanned the East Indies archipelago.

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