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By Harold Rabinowitz, Rob Kaplan

ISBN-10: 0812931122

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"When i've got a bit funds, i purchase books. And if any is left, i purchase meals and clothing." - Desiderius Erasmus those that percentage Erasmus

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New PDF release: A Passion for Books: A Book Lover

"When i've got a bit funds, i purchase books. And if any is left, i purchase nutrition and garments. " - Desiderius Erasmus those that percentage Erasmus

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What would " have been your answer to him ? " " Humph " There said he, " how very like the two cases are " " yet even granted is nothing to prevent," said I is — ' Am ' ! ; that they are not alike, yet if it appears to the person asked the question that they are alike, do you suppose that he will any the less answer what appears to him, whether we forbid him or whether we don't ? " said he, " what you are going to do ? Are you going to give one of the forbidden answers ? " " What then," he said, " if I show you another answer about justice differing from all these, a better " one what penalty do you think you deserve ?

An incomplete list collected from these essays includes more • than fifty examples. xxvii INTRODUCTION assigned to the ideal state in Aristotle's Politics is sometimes deplored by the admirers of the matterof-fact and inductive methods of the first and fifth books. And in our own day the value of this motif for the serious science of society is still debated by sociologists. The eternal fascination of the literary motif is indisputable, and we may enjoy without cavil the form which the artist Plato preferred for the exposition of his thought, while careful to distinguish the thoughts themselves from their sometimes fantastic embodiment.

B, Laws 739 b-d. xlii. for example, seems to accept the Aristoobjection that such a military caste will tyrannize. See Newman's Politics of Aristotle, vol. i. pp. 326 f. ' telian a INTRODUCTION The comparison of the individual to the state is a suggestive analogy for sociology and at the same time a literary motif that is vi'orth precisely what the writer's tact and skill can make of it. Plato's use of the idea is most effective. By subtle artifices of style the cumulative effect of which can be felt only in the original, the reader is brought to conceive of the social organism as one monster man or leviathan, whose sensuous appetites are the unruly mechanic mob, whose disciplined emotions are the trained force that checks rebelhon within and guards against invasion from without, and whose reason is the philosophic statesmanship that directs each and all for the good of the whole.

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